momsalive1: (Fantabulous!)
momsalive1 ([personal profile] momsalive1) wrote2014-06-04 04:31 pm

Dan got a job!!!!

My son in San Diego got a job!!!!   I am so excited!!!  He has been doing very well at there, looking for his first job (we live in a rural area and there isn't much here), making friends, training hard at his martial arts gym, going to Sea World protests and getting acclimated to life outside of home.  Without a job, though, we'd stop supporting him and he'd have to come back.  It won't pay all his expenses, but its a start, and we are happy to back him for a while longer.  He'll be working full time at Goodwill, sorting books, CDS and DVDs looking for things that might be worth selling at their on-line auction site.


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