May. 6th, 2017 09:03 am
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Sitting in my second to last final! Woot! Grading should be done by Wednesday!!

Rain, rain, rain.
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I'm sorry I didn't march, but I am still so heartbroken about losing my lab I couldn't manage it. I keep telling myself I still a scientist. This summer I hope to get started on a research project to convince myself that's true.
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Friday is my last day to teach a class, then there will be about 12 days of giving exams and grading. Then about two weeks before the six week summer semester.
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I found a number of people and communities here from LJ, but none have been updated in years. I search "crafts" and some other interests but didn't find any active communities. Feels very quiet over here.


Apr. 23rd, 2017 04:35 pm
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The mums I planted last fall look like they're coming back - I'd forgotten all about them! Peonies are launching up, redbuds in full bloom.
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I tell you folks, it's harder than it looks.
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Dan rear-ended someone in October, totaling the car and damaging two others. He was fine, and evidently so were the other people. The sun was in his eyes and the person in front of him stopped. What he was charged with was worth 4 points on his license (11 gets you suspended) and more than $300 in fines. There is a weird thing in New York (maybe elsewhere) that you always plead not guilty to the ticket, go to court, talk to them, and they may reduce your fine. He did this today, got a reduced plea of parking on the sidewalk, which has no points, is not a moving violation, and cost $180. I've been worried about this since October so I am very relieved!
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Lets see if this works....

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Have to remember I can't micromanage my son and husband.
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Made a bunch of tassel earrings over the last few weeks. Hope they sell!
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Reading for the first time in a long time. Enjoying it until I ran into a disturbing story. Retreated to bed.
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I was in my fitness class yesterday, which is different each time I go.  Yesterday it was  (I think) Pilates and there were many things I couldn't do.  As I was struggling away at something, the instructor came over to rearrange my feet.  My feet had been out in the mud for several days working in the garden (photos to come!) and weren't lovely, so I was a bit embarrassed.  I never try the things I see on the internet, but this time I was motivated.  I remembered something on FB that I decided to try.  Half a cup of white vinegar, half a cup of Listerine, a cup of water, soak your heels for 15 minutes and ***cue audience gasp*** ugly dead skin on your heels just falls away!!! Since I felt my case was extreme, I doubled the active ingredients and soaked for 30 minutes.  Complete fail, although my heels are now minty fresh!  
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This summer I vowed to do more about my weight.  I lost about 20 lbs last year by cleaning up my eating, and this summer my goal was to get moving and walk a lot.  I did get moving, but not much.  So I signed up with a fitness person today who will put together a plan for me and help keep me on track.  I wanted to get ice cream immediately after, because starting tomorrow I will be tracking my food, but managed to hold out and get an ice coffee with sugar and cream instead. I have a feeling of dread, like I will fail at this, but will try to at least say positive things about it and stick to the program.  
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We got a dog on Sunday!!!  Owen is 1.5 years, a Black Mouth Cur / pit bull mix, about 60 lbs, brindle and looks a lot like our dear departed Bailey.  So far he has done very well here, clearly delighted to be out of the shelter after 2 months in a small room.  We got him at the Ulster County SPCA - the nicest of the various rescue/shelter/pound type places we looked.  He's got a good disposition, is house trained, knows "no" and "sit", is a bit sketchy on "come", walks well on the leash, and counter surfs, but gets down when I tell him.  He slept with me for the first two nights, then I put his bed downstairs last night and closed my door.  Didn't hear a peep from him, and he was very excited to see me this morning.

I have a question for you dog people, two actually.  He met my daughter and a friend who is staying here, C, at the same time.  He seemed good with both of them, but this morning, after two full days here, he growled at C. Then he was fine.  Understandably, it scared C.  Any clue why he would do this?  L was there at the same time, and he didn't react that way to here.  C didn't come up on him suddenly, he'd already been fed and had his walk.

The other question is how best should he meet my husband?  He is out in San Diego with Dan, and will be back Sunday night.  He insisted he and I had seen enough dogs together that if I thought Owen was a good match for us, then he is fine with him.  So he will be meeting him for the first time Sunday. The vet talked to me about alpha dogs, which I think is a bit discredited.  She suggested he be out of the house on a walk when Tom gets here, then come in to find him sitting on the couch.  Any ideas?

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My son in San Diego got a job!!!!   I am so excited!!!  He has been doing very well at there, looking for his first job (we live in a rural area and there isn't much here), making friends, training hard at his martial arts gym, going to Sea World protests and getting acclimated to life outside of home.  Without a job, though, we'd stop supporting him and he'd have to come back.  It won't pay all his expenses, but its a start, and we are happy to back him for a while longer.  He'll be working full time at Goodwill, sorting books, CDS and DVDs looking for things that might be worth selling at their on-line auction site.

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Found out yesterday that the lump I've been terrified about is only a ball of fat!  Yay!!  I was very adult about the whole thing - waiting a month or so before I said anything to DH, then another month or so before I went to the doctor then another month or so before I went for the test then bingeing on ice cream while I waited out the results.  So now I can look forward to my 16 year anniversary of my cancer surgery as being another year of no recurrence.  More yay!!!


May. 8th, 2014 08:39 pm
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I started gardening this week and it feels great!!
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D's interview went well, and now he is waiting to hear....

Heard my first spring peepers today!!
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