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I'm back in San Diego to see my son.  I have a bad cold, so I am doing lots of sleeping, but also trying to be a bit of a nag about the job search.  He knows he can't stay if he doesn't get a job, so he's taking it seriously.  However, the process overwhelms him.  To which I am basically saying "too bad", while also trying to ferret out what his fears about it are.  The applications are all on line, and they are long, with questions he isn't used to answering with the proper amount of truth and lies - like, "is it ever alright to bend the rules? Yes or no." On a job application, the answer is always a horrified "No!"  In real life, he knows about civil disobedience.  Or, " do you prefer to work alone or with people?"  Work alone?  You are antisocial and can't perform in a team atmosphere.  Work with people?  You aren't a self starting independent sort of person.

If I can encourage him to get over this he'll soon get the hang of it and it will go much easier, I'm sure.
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I just decided to give my struggling Intro Bio students an easy test.  Why?  Because I feel like being a fairy princess!
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Happy birthday tomorrow!!  I hope you get a nice early Spring day!!
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Got back very early yesterday morning after delays in Philadelphia, but otherwise had a smooth travel day.  I kept my sandals on until the last possible minute.

Dan is in a beautiful home near a bus stop and close to his MMA training center. There are three other men living there, plus the owner  She seemed eager to mother Dan a bit and, to my surprise he seemed happy to accept it.  She offered to take me around to her dentist and doctor to see if I approved of them for Dan!

I am excited for him, and proud.  Still, it was very hard to say goodbye.  Tom is going out next month and they will go to a UFC event in Las Vegas. I'll go out over my spring break in March.  I hope to see both lanyn and mrsbean when I am there next.

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Yesterday and today we saw six places, all much better than the first day and four he liked.  These were all shared houses or apartments.  He picked one and is waiting to hear back from her:  her ad said she had a preference for a woman, so that's probably what she's thinking about.  Hopefully she won't wait too long - I don't want the other places to get away!

All of these are furnished, all he may need is a TV.

We've eaten out at several vegan places,very tasty, especially a "linguine alfredo" based on zucchini noodles and a rich German chocolate cake - yummmm!!
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We  had a very long day yesterday.  We left the house at  4 am for a 5:45 flight which didn't leave until 9:15 - between the snow in NY and the freezing rain in Philadelphia not much was moving.  After three hours I said to the guy next to me "OK, who pissed off Christie?" but he didn't get it (NY/NJ joke...). US Airways kept us waiting in the terminal rather than on the plane and did an efficient job of getting us a new connecting flight.  We spent the day at the Philly airport, then got into San Diego at about midnight our time.  By the time I got to bed it was 2.

We are staying in a delightful hotel in Chula Vista,

We saw two places today, neither good, both north of here so they weren't his first choices.  Tomorrow we see places here, which is where his MMA gym is.
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We put Bailey down yesterday.  He was about 14.  He was such an excellent friend and companion, I can't even begin to say how much I'll miss him.  RIP, Giggle Wiggle.
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....on Friday.  My son is moving out there, and I'm helping him get set up and look for work.  So far we have 3 possible places for him to live, and no job prospects, so it will be a busy week!!  Looking forward to escaping the cold.
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Happy 20th birthday ffiondove!!!! 
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Happy Birthday Frivol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Its been a long time since I posted!  I've been keeping up on your posts, though, and will get to my own eventually.   My daughter is biking and WWOOFing through New Zealand, and is writing a fun blog which I thought I'd share with you  - they'd love to have more readers!     ****hugs to you all***
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The aircraft safety instructions for Air New Zealand....
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....finally - something sensible out of DC!!


Jun. 22nd, 2013 08:12 am
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After a rocky 13 years in a system he hates, my son is graduating from high school today!!!

CGI mayhem

Jun. 17th, 2013 02:03 pm
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I've seen four movies so far this summer, all making extensive use of computer generated graphics.  Minor, very minor spoliers for Oblivion, Iron Man 3, Star Trek and Superman )
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